Giant TCR or Defy ?

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Situation is 16yr old XC MTB racer wanting to buy a road bike to do some road training, and perhaps a little bit of road racing (planning on family team for 2011 Coast to Coast).
Main reason for purchase is so that isn't constantly riding and wearing out the Anthem MTB.
Looking at getting a 2010 Giant TCR or a Defy but unsure about which frame is most suitable given 1) age and 2) what it's for.
The TCR is performance competition geometry and the Defy is the endurance geometry. Price for equiv model is the identical. Any thoughts ? Two people we're spoken to have recommended opposites !

I tend to agree with the vorbcensus, 

go with the  the TCR.  get it fitted properly and all will be good.

Cheers. Thought it worthwhile using both forums as quite a different bunch of people on each. Persoanlly I thought the Defy may have been a bit more MTB training and multisports friendly than the TCR. Seems not.

It doesn't really matter.
If we compare an M TCR to an M Defy then the following will apply if you set the same position on each.
10mm longer stem and 16mm fewer spacers on Defy.
10mm longer wheelbase on the Defy but 2.3% less weight on the front wheel of the TCR. 5mm more front centre on the TCR.
Defy steering slightly more stable but thanks to longer HT and longer stem will likely feel more precise than the TCR.

Ignore what the brand or Vorbers say about race vs endurance - it is quite likely that the Defy will feel more racy. Giant know what they're doing with carbon so it is unlikely that the longer chainstays will lead to a feeling of losing power.

Get the shop to set up one of each identically and test ride each with the same wheels and tyres. Then pick the one you prefer. The distinctions between the models are too fine to actually be meaningful unless you are an extreme (ie need the bars very high or very low). Either will be suitable for your intended use.

He's never been on a roadie so a short ride to test what he prefers won't work. Both will feel abnormal. Consensus is highly in favour of a TCR so will be heading towards finding the right size TCR. Mostly like a Advanced 1 model 


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