XTERRA Pan Am Tour Champion Sam Osborne - all about the mountain bike


For this week’s training spotlight we head to the Planet Bike workshop in Rotorua on the North Island of New Zealand to kick-off a new video series all about the mountain bike, hosted by reigning XTERRA Pan Am Tour Champion Sam Osborne.

In this first installment Osborne walks us through the “Dry Clean.”


“No water, no power hose, just a brush and a rag is all you need,” explained Osborne. “By cleaning your bike with a rag you’ll be able to identify any dings or problems, and it’ll keep water from getting into your forks and bearings.”


Routine maintenance is an absolute necessity to keep a hard-charging mountain bike in good working order, and in this video Osborne will show you how to run through your gears, properly lube the chain, check on the cassette and front ring, and fine tune your front and back breaks.


You might even pick up a few colorful Kiwi colloquialisms to impress your friends and family with, and, if discovering Rotorua’s world-class mountain bike trails and forests sounds fun Sam’s family bike shop at Planet Bike can get your dream trip dialed-in.

Watch video here