World Rowing Junior Championships


Almost on queue for afternoon races, the breeze picked up into a small tail wind with temperatures rising to the mid-30s degrees Celsius at the Racice regatta course for the first day of heats. This was day one of the 2018 World Rowing Junior Championships in Racice, Czech Republic with New Zealand placing first and second respectively in heats for the Men's Single Sculls and Women's Single Sculls.

Junior Men’s Single Sculls (JM1x) – Heats

The biggest event of this regatta, eight heats lined up with the goal to be in a top two position for a direct path to the quarterfinals. Heat Seven had James Hall of New Zealand out in front. But not by much. There was only a second separating the field and there was still a lot of racing to do. Then Hall managed to break away with Japan and Estonia going neck-and-neck for second. Hall did not need to sprint at the end with Estonia easing off the pace, giving Japan the second qualifying spot.

Junior Women’s Single Sculls (JW1x) – Heats

This event had five heats with the goal being to gain a top four position for a direct path to the quarterfinals. The reigning junior champion Esther Briz Zamorano of Spain sat in lane five and she was in the lead right from the start in Heat Five. By the middle of the race Briz Zamorano had moved to an open water lead with New Zealand in second and Estonia in third. Veronica Wall of New Zealand then managed to close the gap on Briz Zamorano. Wall took second place after holding 30 in the final sprint with Briz Zamorano on 32 in their domination of this race.

Photo credit: Rowing NZ.