Trail Running Series concludes with sensational night race




The Trail Running Series presented by The North Face has concluded a massive season featuring five short distance trail runs at a range of beautiful wilderness locations across Melbourne.

The Series, conducted by renowned event managers Rapid Ascent, underwent a refresh in 2017 with new locations, updated courses, new kids runs, and new sponsors.

Kicking off with two new races - Race 1 at Westerfolds Park, Templestowe in June, and Race 2 at Smiths Gully in the Yarra Valley in July, the Series continued through the winter months with Race 3 at Silvan in August, Race 4 at Angelsea on the Surf Coast in September, and wrapped up on Friday with the Night Race at Studley Park Kew.

Australia’s most popular series of off-road runs attracted 2,325 trail runners in 2017; 11 percent up on 2016 numbers (2093) which shows the growing popularity in trail running.

Please credit Rapid Ascent

Each event included a short course race that varied in length between 5km and 7km, a medium course race of between 10km and 15km and a long course race starting at 15km and extending to 23km at its longest.

The grand finale of The Trail Running Series presented by The North Face welcomed over 750 runners for Race 5 the Night Race at Studley Park, Kew on Friday.

As twilight descended on a beautiful Melbourne afternoon, the trails of Yarra Bend came alive with the glow from hundreds of head torches, eye-catching outfits and glow-sticks.

Event manager Sam Maffett said he was thrilled with the enthusiasm amongst the running community over the new courses and locations at the 2017 Series.

“It’s been such a fantastic season, we’ve welcomed the return of so many familiar faces and it’s inspiring to see so many newcomers to trail running too,” said Maffett.

“We hope you’ve enjoyed the Trail Running Series presented by The North Face, whether you’ve returned to trails you’ve run before or used the Series to broaden your horizons and run in some of our local wilderness areas, it has been a lot of fun to share the trails with you.

“The Series has brought trail running into the lives of so many new people over the years. We hope to welcome many more in 2018; we love this Series and we thank you for being part of it all.

“The Trail Running Series would not be possible without support from The North Face, The HIIT Factory, le bent, Rise Health Group, nuun hydration, Red Door Productions, Sunsol 10+ Museli, Black Diamond,, CLIF Bar, Tomato Timing, the Supersport Images crew, our dedicated volunteers and support crews.”

The 2018 Series will return in June next year with Race #1 on 17th June, Race #2 on 15th July, Race #3 on 5th August, Race 4 on 16th September  and the Night race on 5th October  - stay tuned for announcements via the website and the Facebook Community Page - @TheTrailRunningSeries.


Long Course male
1st  Josh GODING               01:00:38
2nd  Mack CLARKSON       01:00:41
3rd  Mitch LORKIN             01:00:42

Long Course Female
1st  Bec ROSEL                    01:12:18
2nd  Lauren CORIDAS        01:12:18
3rd  Christine HOPKINS     01:13:35
Medium Course Male
1st  Xavier MEADE             00:44:28
2nd Jason DAYE                 00:45:06
3rd  Stephen WARD           00:45:56

Medium Course Female
1st  Natasha KEY                00:45:34 (and 3rd overall)
2nd  Jess SHORT                 00:49:51
3rd  Kodey HODGSON       00:51:11

Short Course Male
1st  Nathan FENTON          00:19:09
2nd  Mark PORTBURY        00:19:38
3rd  Justin TEMPLAR          00:19:39
Short Course Female
1st Taryn FURLETTI            00:18:57 (and 1st overall)
2nd  Amy CORNELL            00:20:20
3rd  Ella MARINELLI           00:22:19

HIIT Factory Home Straight 
Mat BONOMI                      00:00:22
Renee DRYSDALE                00:00:29

For all Race 5 results CLICK HERE.

Series runners were ranked according to their category place in each race, with the lowest cumulative score being the winner of the series in that category

Long Course male
1st Francesco Ciancio – 7 points
2nd Andrew Constantinou – 29 points 
3rd Mark Falkingham – 48 points

Long Course Female

1st Jess Batton – 19 points
2nd Jody Gilchrist – 55 points
3rd Kirsty Tindal – 70 points

Long Course - Category 
Long Course - Gender 

Medium Course Male
1st Xavier Meade – 8 points
2nd Stephen Ward – 14 points
3rd Darren Pearson – 23 points

Medium Course Female

1st Jess Short – 8 points
2nd Kodey Hodgson – 9 points
3rd Holly Lambert – 35 points

Medium Course - Category 
Medium Course - Gender 

Short Course Male
1st Nathan Fenton – 18 points
2nd Tony Dineen – 29 points
3rd Jeremy Hirst – 44 points

Short Course Female
1st Taryn Furletti – 4 points
2nd Renee Drysdale – 21 points
3rd  Grace Marinelli – 22 points

Short Course - Category 
Short Course - Gender