Tandem boats section sold out as Kathmandu Coast to Coast build to a biggie



Supplied boats in the tandem section of the Kathmandu Coast to Coast have sold out as the event builds towards its biggest field in its 35 year history.  

The tandem section of the two day event being held in early February can only be entered now if competitors supply their own tandem kayak although organisers do have a waitlist for those that do need a kayak supplied.

photo credit: Marathon-Photos.com

The tandem event involves both competitors doing the entire course over two days together, staying within 50 metres of each other on the bike and run sections while paddling the Waimakariri River leg together in a double kayak and has attracted Moss Burmester, a two-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games champion and World Champion swimmer, who has entered with his partner Carolyn Arthur. 

“We had 60 tandem kayaks available for the event and to have them all gone is another indication of the increased interest and momentum for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast,” Event Director Richard Ussher said. “At this stage it is shaping up as the biggest field ever in the history of the event.”

The event’s early bird entry offer sold out for the first time this year with Ussher saying entries are up close to seventy percent compared to this time last year with the Individual fields already larger than on the race days this year.

“International and female entries are also up on previous years and it looks likely the event will break the largest field ever which was 920 competitors across both teams and individuals in 2004,” Ussher said.

Entries are still available for all the other Kathmandu Coast to Coast events at standard rates until the price goes up on the 31st of October. Department of Conservation restrictions limit the event to 800 entries which helps protects the pristine environment the event is held in.

“Two and three person relay teams only count as one entry, which means the actual number of competitors will be well above 800,” Ussher said.

“To be tracking towards having a race record of over 920 competitors in February is just fantastic. It will be great for the event and the region with athletes coming from throughout New Zealand and overseas which will provide an amazing atmosphere and really competitive exciting racing.”