Puzzling World Junior Challenge fun!



Over one thousand Junior triathletes descended on the Challenge Wanaka today, bringing their determination and fun to the course. The young athletes, aged from Year One to Year Six, completed various lengths of the course depending on their age but all with a smile.  The majority of the athletes came from our local Wanaka and Hawea primary schools, but a number came from further afar to join the party. It was an absolute delight to host these impressive athletes, see the video above and images below for the highlights of the day!

Tomorrow's action starts at 6:45am on the Lake Front with the professionals followed by hundreds of Age Groupers racing in the Challenge Asia Pacific Championships and Garth Barfoot Aqua Bike.

Remember to download the app, search for your family and friends and press follow. You will be updated to their progress with push notifications if you have them turned on. Plus we have predicted timing this year so you can work out where you need to be to cheer them on. And if you are a competitor you can take a selfie with the app at the end of the race with your split times overlaid how cool is that!

Our Expo is full of awesome triathlon and sports merchandise with some fantastic offers and bargains to be had. So don't miss a bit of shopping, coffee and an ice cream while you wait for your friends.

Good luck everyone, we will see you out there!