New South Island Ultra Marathon




CJM’S Events announced the addition to it’s portfolio of event, the South Island Ultra Marathon to be held on the West Coast Wilderness Trail on Saturday 11 May 2019.


“There will be 3 runs on the day” John Moore Race Director for the event said.  The 100km run from Greymouth, the start of the Wilderness Trail, and finishing on the beachfront of Hokitika.  The 100km will have competitors starting at sea level in Greymouth, slowly climbing to 361 meters before descending back to seal level in Hokitika.  “The West Coast Wilderness Trail has been described as the most scenic mountain bike ride in New Zealand and now runners are going to get the opportunity to see it” Moore said.


There will be a 54km run starting on Old Christchurch Road. This run will give runners some of the magnificent scenery and formed trails to run through, starting at 150 metres above sea level. Climbing to 361 and returning to sea level.


The 24 km run will give competitors the opportunity to experience trail running and is a great introduction into Ultra Marathon running, this run starts at Lake Kaniere 190 metres above seal level and could be described as all downhill to Hokitika Beachfront.


South Island Ultra Marathon entries are now open.  Moore said “we’re expecting runners from across Australasia to be taking part”, you don’t get a chance like this every day, to run on such amazingly formed trails for an Ultra Marathon” 


Runners will experience amazing scenery of lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs, bridges, boardwalks, swing bridges, rain forests, even a western town in the middle of it.