Nathan Fa'avae talks ARWC 24hrs in


We ask multiple Adventure Racing World Champion Nathan Fa'avae to share his thoughts on the ARWC. 24 hours into the race.   This is the first time the worlds have been held in the United States and hosted by the Cameco Cowboy Tough Expedition Race in Wyoming.  Sixty teams from 20 countries which is estimated time to complete is about 6 days to cover 450 miles.
Nathan and former Seagate team mate Sophie Hart racing

Nathan Fa'avae give his insight into the 2017 Worlds
The race is 24-hours old now so my commentary has the advantage of the leaderboard giving the race some shape, but it’s about what I expected after day 1, no major surprises anyway. 

Seagate currently have an hour lead on Haglofs Silva and Swedish Armed Forces, who appear to traveling together, but I wouldn’t say by choice.
There will be some friendly rivalry between them to claim the top Swedish team so they’ll be competitive in that sense. What’s likely good news for Seagate and not great news for anyone seriously wanting to win the race, is that I can say with 99% confidence, that Seagate have not purposely taken the lead.
They will be settling into a pace that is easy and comfortable and the field has dropped away - and in the laws of racing intelligence, I don’t think any team would allow Seagate to slip away if they had the power to stay with them, so my conclusion is that Seagate have a big advantage in speed.
That said, Seagate may opt for a 4-hour sleep somewhere and others may run the risk and just grab an hour to bring the lead closer, expect Vidaraid to go without sleep and try and claw up the rankings. Their navigation will be solid too. 
While I’ve always considered Haglofs Silva the biggest threat to Seagate, I don’t think they will be as prepared as they have in the past, they’re all Parents now and I suspect they’re happy to push hard and take home 2nd place if that eventuated for them. 
AMK should be close to the podium, they’re a good team and have the home soil advantage, they won’t win the race but they should get top 5.
The French teams could be very competitive also, I only know Naturex well and if the other French teams are as good then the top 5 could be very red white & blue, typically, the French are good bikers.
Kiwis, Sneaky Weasels are in the top 20, I’d expect them to move consistently up the field into the top 10, Godzone being an experienced team should work into the top 10 also.
I see Tiki Tour have pulled out, that’s a pity and it must be a very serious injury to pull out so early. I would have expected them to top 10, maybe even get close to the top 5, but racing internationally is a different level to racing in NZ and it’s hard to be competitive against the seasoned teams that regularly race in different countries. 
It’s early days, but unless something bizarre happens of Blazing Saddles proportions, I sense Seagate on their way to a fairly comfortable victory. But it’s sport, these are only my predictions, we’ll see what reality thinks.    
Nathan Fa'avae