Irving Perez & Summer Cook claim victory at debut 2017 Yucatan ITU World Cup


In the inaugural Yucatan ITU World Cup event, Mexico's own Irving Perez and USA's Summer Cook were crowned the first-time champions in a speedy and heated sprint distance race.

Men's Recap
Returning to the world cup podium for the first time since 2015, Mexico’s Irving Perez became the first-ever Champion of the 2017 Yucatan ITU World Cup. His blazing performance on the run earned him the victory, which was celebrated with crowds cheering the word “Mexico” as the win came once again for Perez in front of a home crowd.

“I am very happy for this victory. This is my second time that I win here in Mexico, the last time was in Huatulco and now in Yucatan where it is hot, but for me it is better. I am very happy with my team and with my coach, Perez said of his win. “I see this podium today and I worked very hard. The water was very one, two, three, fight and the bike was very technical and the running was very hard, but it was good for me.”

Joining him on the podium was fellow Mexican compatriot Cesar Saracho who stepped onto the world cup podium for the first time with a silver.

Saracho said, “It was in Mexico, my podium, so I am very happy for that. The weather was very hot, I am exhausted but I am very happy with my competition. It means a lot to get a podium in Mexico because this is my country and it is my first second place here and it’s in my country so I am very happy for that.”

Germany’s Maximilian Schwetz earned the bronze in his first world cup race of the year and first podium since 2015.


Women's Recap
Collecting her first world cup victory of the season, USA’s Summer Cook captured the win of the inaugural 2017 Yucatan ITU World Cup. After having a breakthrough 2016 season and stepping onto four world cup podiums, the win was long overdue for the American as she will be named the first-ever Yucatan Champion.

Cook battled for the gold from start to finish as she remained among the leaderboard throughout the entire race. The win was then earned from a stellar running performance that drew her enough of an advantage to easily seize the finish tape.

Cook said of her cruising victory, “This is the first time on the podium at a world cup for me this year, so I am really happy to be back on the podium and I am hoping to carry this onto the rest of my races this season.”

“I was doing a good job of pouring the entire bottle on myself at ever aid station and I just kept telling myself that this is the conditions that I thrive in and that really carried me through the run.”

Taking the silver medal was a newcomer to the world cup podium, USA’s Lindsey Jerdonek.

Jerdonek said, “I am really pleased to be on my first world cup podium, because it has eluded me for all my years that I have been racing ITU and to put it together, I had my head in the game and from start to finish I really committed to stand on it. So I am really glad to come second to Summer Cook and Lisa (Perterer) who was just behind me.”

Then finishing off the medal count was Lisa Perterer (AUT), who proves that her talent is for the Mexican heat as she has seen many successes in Mexican hosted world cup events.