Interview - Anna Frost

22/12/2014 by Steve Knowles

New Zealand trail running legend Anna Frost was struck down with a kidney infection in the last month, leaving her hooked up to an IV and expelling any thoughts of doing the TNF EC 50 Mile. We catch up with Anna on her year, running tips and more

Sportzhub catches up with Anna on her recovery, the highlights of 2014 and advices for those wanting to get into trail running..

How did the kidney problem come about?

I am not really sure exactly what happened, but probably combination of dehydration and an infection. My kidney pain came on very fast and very intense which I knew was not normal so I went to the hospital. I need definitely to take care of my hydration a lot better.

At the time what was the doctors recommendations?

I was on a lot of antibiotics so until I came off those I really need to be careful and recover.

Photo credit: Jordi saragossa

How’s your recovery been since the kidney infection?

I am recovered. It was a long, slow process, where I needed to be very patient and honest with myself both mentally and physically. But I also took a lot of pressure off myself and had a wonderful year of running adventures and successful races. 

What are your realigned goals from here? To remain healthy and happy and to continue some exciting running adventure projects like the 'Nolans 14" project in Colorado, Race Hardrock100 - a dream race for me, and adventure to some new places! 

Would you say it's your best season since coming back from injury?

Yes, it has been really wonderful to find my strength again.

What were the highs of 2014?

My 2014 has been awesome. Filled with new adventures, re-visiting my old favourites and spending lots of time in the mountains feeling free. Most importantly I have been healthy and happy, injury free and have also had some amazing chances to race all over the world.

  • 1st The Bear100 and New Course Record – Utah USA
  • 3rd The Rut – Montana USA
  • 2nd= SkyRunning World Series
  • 8th Pikes Peak World Mountain Running Long Course Championships – Colorado USA
  • 1st Telluride Mountain Run – Colorado USA
  • 1st Leadville 1/2 Marathon – Colorado USA
  • 1st SpeedGoat – Utah USA
  • 2nd Mt Blanc 80km World SkyRunning Championships – Chamonix France
  • 1st TransVulcania and New Course Record – La Palma
  • 1st Azores Trail Race – Azores
  • 1st Buffalo Stampede Marathon – Australia  

Events you would recommend people try?

In NZ - Moonlight Marathon, In Australia – Buffalo stampede, In Malaysia – Kinabalu Challenge, in Hong Kong – TNF50/100, In Europe and UK there are thousands of amazing races to choose from. You just have to decide what distance, terrain, time of year, temperature, stages and travel you want and then just pick one.  

What recommendations would you have for people with injury?

Be patient, concentrate on getting the whole body strong through cross training as well as focusing on something different i.e learn a language, play music...

Pointers for people wanting to race longer trail races?

Do the training, get some safe miles in your legs and be careful to recover well from those before the next time you step up the time/distance out there.