First Race In New Zealand’s A1 Adventure Racing Series Underway In Taranaki





Persistent widespread rain across Taranaki has done little to dampen the spirits of the organising team behind this weekend’s inaugural Marokopa Munter. The 24-hour adventure race kicks off at 10am on Saturday (October 14 & 15th) at Marokopa located two-hours from New Plymouth on the West Coast.


Race directors Matt Lash and Nev Wells have worked tirelessly over the past few months with a crew of three mates to get the two-day secret course organized.


“ It’s been a lot of hard work and fun pulling it all together and in some ways easier than the 6 and 12 hour races we organize,” says Matt.


“Marokopa was chosen as the race location because Nev has a Bach there and we have had some amazing times and crazy adventures whilst training for events like GODZone over the past two years.”


Competitors and support crews will tally up to 100 people for the weekend event that is expected to take the leaders around 19 hours to complete. All teams have 24 hours to make it back to the race base.


“The course is in the shape of a clover leaf and incorporates trekking, mountain biking, kayaking and rogaining. There is a night trekking section that all the teams will experience which is the beauty of the 24 hour adventure racing format,” says Matt.


“The teams are in for an extraordinary time with spectacular coastal sections, extremely rugged farmland and some pretty wild native bush areas to navigate.”


As the first qualifier race in the new A1 NZ adventure racing series, the Marokopa Munter will have ‘live tracking’ with all competitors carrying a GPS Yellow Brick tracker.


“Its awesome for friends, family and fans to be able to follow their teams via the live tracking thanks to the A1 NZ team and it will assist with safety out on the course,” says Matt.


To follow live tracking go to the Marokopa Munter website


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