Dylan McNeice leads Challenge Family World Bonus


Kiwi Dylan McNeice takes the lead in the Challenge Family World Bonus and Lisa Roberts still at the top of the female ranking 

Similar to last week, it was a busy weekend with two CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus Races taking place: CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and CHALLENGEDENMARK. Dylan McNeice took second place at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and earned enough points to take the lead in the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus. In the women’s ranking, Lisa Roberts has managed to hold on to her lead. Katrien Verstuyft has worked her way up to third place.

Dylan McNeice had a strong race at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN. He crossed the finishline in second place and earned 200 points with this result. After his win atCHALLENGETAIWAN (500 points) and third place at CHALLENGEVENICE (300 points) earlier this season, he is the man to chase with 1000 points in total. Pablo Gonzales Dapena lost his lead this week. The Spanish triathlete didn't start at any CHALLENGEFAMILY race this weekend and his total points stay at 900. He’s now 100 points behind the new leader McNeice and in second place in the ranking. Third place in the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus ranking is Jaroslav Kovacic. Similar to Gonzales Dapena, Kovacic didn't take part in any CHALLENGEFAMILY race this weekend and his 750 points remain unchanged from last week.
Pieter Heemeryck took victory at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and earned 250 points. Heemeryck’s fourth place and 150 points at THECHAMPIONSHIP and 40 points earned atCHALLENGEGRANCANARIA puts him at 440 points in total and fifth place in the rankings at the moment. Evert Scheltinga came third at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and earned his first 150 points with this result. He is currently in 26th in the ranking.
Andreas Dreitz was fastest at CHALLENGEDENMARK and earned himself 250 points. Second place, Mathias Lyngso Petersen collected 200 points and third place, Kristian Hindkjaer, picked up 150 points. All three athletes have yet to reach the top ten in the CHALLENGEFAMILY World Bonus.
You can check the full male standings here: http://www.challenge-family.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/challenge-family-world-bonus-male.pdf
Katrien Verstuyft works her way up to number three
The women’s standings didn't change considerably last weekend. Lisa Roberts, currently holding 600 points and Yvonne van Vlerken close behind on 575 points, didn't start at any CHALLENGEFAMILY race this weekend but still hold on to their postions one and two. Thanks to a stunning second place at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and 200 points, Katrien Verstuyft has now moved up to third place. After collecting points in Roma, Lissabon and at THECHAMPIONSHIP in Samorin, she now has 530 points in total and is definitely chasing Van Vlerken and Roberts.

Heather Wurtele secured a win at CHALLENGEGERAARDSBERGEN and earned 250 points. Together with her 60 points picked up at The Championship, she has a total of 310 points and is currently in 11th place in the rankings. Alexandra Tondeur crossed the line in third place in Geraardsbergen and earned her first 150 points thanks to her great result.

Pernille Thalund took the win at CHALLENGEDENMARK. Laura Siddall came in second while Frankie Sanjana finished third. Siddall is the only one of these three triathletes in the top ten of the Challenge Family World Bonus ranking. Her

second places at CHALLENGESALOU and CHALLENGEDENMARK put her currently in 8thposition with 400 points in total.
You can check the full female standings here: http://www.challenge-family.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/challenge-family-world-bonus-female.pdf

Photo - Challenge Wanaka