Chia Super Sprint Triathlon


Rain, rough seas and a very low tide didn't look like a recipe for a successful family triathlon, but 78 competitors aged from seven to 72 smiled their way through Sunday's event at Rabbit Island.

The team of Robert Sheridan and his sons Josh and Kalani led the way, with Marlborough teenager Connor Guillemot putting in a brilliant individual performance for second.
Robert, Josh and Kalani Sheridan combined to win the Chia Super Sprint Triathlon at Rabbit Island on Sunday.
Connor Guillemot completed three consecutive triathlons to win the individual title at Sunday's Chia Super Sprint Triathlon
Photos: Janice Coyle
The event involved a short triathlon, starting with a 200m swim in very rough seas, a 6km bike ride and then a 1km run. The triathlon was then completed a second and third time without a pause between the various sections.
Although 28 individuals took on the full nine stages,another 50 people combined in 18 teams, choosing their own order. Some chose to complete a short triathlon each, while others put a specialist swimmer, cyclist and runner together - each repeating their discipline three times.
Although the rough sea could have deterred less confident swimmers, the shallow water and short course allowed competitors to walk through the roughest sections and was seen as an enjoyable frolic in the balmy water.
Hayden Squance ripped through the first triathlon in 20 minutes 30 seconds, matched only by the Sheridan family in 20min 47sec, with Matt Newberry (22.07), Guillemot (22.38) and Glenn Bathgate (22.45).
Squance handed over to his father Charlie for the next three stages, while the Sheridan family went on extending their lead, as Guillemot moved into second and Newberry and Bathgate worked hard to hold on to the next spots.
Coach Pogo Mcauley took on the swim legs for rising star 14-year-old Luke Clatworthy, who pushed hard on bike and run to move their team into fifth place, ahead of the Marlborough team of Fergus Greer, Gus Morfell and Mark Grammer.
Individual competitors Josh Barber, Marlborough's Joseph Westend and Wayne Leighton brought up the top ten.
Evangelene Craig was the first individual woman, finishing in 1hr 18min 32sec for 16th overall, ahead of Dawn Chalmers (1.23.34) and Carolyn Squance (1.25.30).
With the ability to choose their own format a popular option for teams, the race will be repeated in January under the banner of Proper Crisps.
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