Cameron Brown's 15th Hawaii Ironman World Championship

Just days out from Cameron Brown's 15th Hawaii Ironman World Championship, the word is he's in top form and looking forward to the great race Sunday.  Here's his update
Cam Brown - 
Well I'm in my final few days before my 15th Hawaii Ironman World Championship this coming Saturday October 13th(Sunday NZ time)
My first race here on the island was back in 2000, since then I've had some great races, some average races and some DNF's due to sickness, injury or bad luck. I will be trying to draw on those great races and my experience here with 2x 2nd place's, 2x 3rd place, 5th, 8th.
Photo - Kevin Mackinnon
The race will be extremely hard as always with scorching temperatures, strong winds and humidity in the 90's plus the best athletes in the world. I've been on the island now for two weeks for my final preparations and the taper and it's gone well.
The 4 weeks I spent in Noosa, Australia were fantastic especially getting away from the NZ winter, I put in some big mileage and some super tough brick sessions to prepare for Kona and have arrived here injury and sickness free.
You can follow the race live on Facebook through the Ironman Now page. Race start for the Professionals is 6:35am Saturday 13th (NZ time 5:35am Sunday October 14th) I'll be in touch after the race to let you know how the day plans out.
Thanks again for your incredible support.
Kind Regards Cameron Brown

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