Athletics NZ Round Up


This week's edition includes:

NZ Track & Field results

  • International results from Australia and Spain
  • Road and Trail race results from around the country
  • 2019 Track & Field News World Ranking
  • 2020 New Year Royal Honour

New Zealand Competition Results

Bays Daikin Night of 5’s, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 20 December 2019
Julian Oakley, who was second to Nick Willis last year at the Night of 5’s, held on over the final lap from a determined Ben Moynihan to win the 2019 edition in 13:59.25.
Steven Langdon set the early pace for the top class field of 29 before Hayden Wilde, Cameron Graves, Oakley and Moynihan established a break-away group. Oakley upped the pace going into the final two laps, with only Moynihan able to remain in contact. Oakley had to dig deep over the final 200m hold out Moynihan who was second in a personal best of 14:00.35.

Personal bests were the order of the night for a number of the next to finish; Graves 14:09.87 PB, Hayden Wilde 14:19.24 PB, Michael Voss 14:23.84 PB, Connor Melton 14:31.34, Joshua Baan 14:38.19, Toby Gualter - on the eve of leaving for a scholarship at Eastern Michigan, 14:42.79 PB, Tim Cornish 14:44.20, Caden Shields 14:45.68, David Moore 14:46.15 PB, Jack Moody 14:46.68 PB, Matthew Taylor 14:52.72, David Lee 15:07.99 PB, Regan Bones 15:12.94 PB, Andrew Catley 15:13.75 PB.

Oakley who is now based in Melbourne said it was good to get the win. “I ran the Vic champs 5k and last week the Zatopek 1500m, so I was all tuned up for tonight.
I finished my seven years in the States in September with a run in the fifth avenue mile. (seventh in 3:54.0). I’m coming back for the Sir Graeme Douglas International and the 1500m at the nationals in Christchurch. But Tokyo Olympics is the main goal right now, hopefully I can get some good races indoors and in the domestic season which gives me some good points for the world rankings” said Oakley.

Moynihan, who is also based in Melbourne, said that he does some of his training with Oakley. “I quite enjoy the 5k, so the 5000m maybe my calling instead of the 1500m. A 10 seconds PB tonight, I like it. I’ll be back for the nationals, either 1500m or 5k I’m not sure yet,” said a pleased Moynihan.

National women’s cross country champion Maiya Christini (21) ran a personal best of 16:27.91 to win the women’s 5000m. This time betters her 16:30.92 set in finishing third at last season’s New Zealand Championships in Christchurch.

Penny Peskett (42), coming back to racing after a long stretch of injuries, was second in 16:41.68 just outside her New Zealand Masters W40 record of 16:29.89 set in finishing second last year to Camille Buscomb. Charli Miller (17) ran an outstanding 16:50.29 PB for her age in finishing third. National women’s road champion Katrina Andrew was next in 17:05.21 PB, followed by Brigid Dennehy 18:00.10 PB and Martina Conner 18:02.73 PB.

Christini said it was a good season’s opener for her with a PB. She will now concentrate on the 5000m for the nationals.

Michael Dawson, the New Zealand under 18 800m champion in 2013 and 2014, was impressive in the 800m winning in 1:49.90 PB, from James Harding 1:52.51 PB, William Sinclair 1:52.85 PB, Mikael Starzynski 1:53.73 PB, Rowan Blaikie 1:55.42 PB, Logan Cowie 1:55.60 PB and Matthew Gould 1:56.23 PB.

Dawson was ecstatic crossing the finish holding his hands to his face. “To finally break 1m 50s is a big milestone in my running career, and I’m just so stoked to have finally ticked that one off, especially on an opening race of the season. The conditions have played out really lovely tonight and Luke Mercieca nailed it as pace maker so full credit to him, he’s a great pace maker especially after having paced the earlier B race. We went through the first lap in low 54’s and came home in 55. I’m now looking at doing the Potts Classic and then possibly other Classics and the nationals in the 800m, where hopefully we’ll have a better race than we did last year,” said Dawson.

Liam Bird won the B 5000m in 15:32.76 PB, from James Corbett 15:33.66 PB and Sam Cadwallader 15:37.66 PB. Alan Staite won the mixed 5000m race in 16:55.47. Zach Bellamy won the B 800m in 1:57.65 PB.

Other winners on the night: 2000m U/16 Ayub Sadikaa 6:08.96, Arlo Farquhar 6:48.53, U/14 Wiremu Ngamotu 6:33.59, Jessica Fletcher 6:52.01. 800m U/10 Benjamin Brown 2:44.77, Nadia Letica 2:46.25.

Earlier, later in rain, a throwers meeting was held: Anthony Barmes 7.26kg HT 50.68m, 6kg HT 60.92m PB. Connor Bell 2kg DT 54.16m. Centaine Noom Duckworth 4kg HT 46.96m PB, 3kg HT 51.21m. Suluama Vaeau Mulitalo 4kg HT 32.36m PB, 3kg HT 41.36m. Savannah Scheen DT 47.86m PB. Nadja Kumerich DT 33.04m, 3kg SP 12.23m.

McKinnon Shield Christmas Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium – 18 December 2019
Luke Mercieca from Canterbury won the 60m in 7.27 +6.6 and was third in the 100m in 11.30 +2.7. Zachary Saunders won the 100m in 11.09 from Tommy Te Puni 11.11. Saunders was the best in the long jump with 6.45m +4.7. Amy Robertson won the women’s 60m in 7.73 +4.4 with Marielle Venida winning the 100m in 12.10 +3.7. James Reid 800m 2:04.75. Sophie Atkinson 800m 2:16.46, Kimberley May 2:19.57. Lise Thimon (France) 3000m 9:55.49, Peyton Leigh 10:26.15. Greer Noble-Tawhai LJ 5.65m +3.6. Brianna Tirado 500g JT 31.86m.

All Comers Javelin and Hammer Competition, Porritt Stadium – 21 December 2019
Tori Peeters 600g JT 54.80m. Alex Wood 800g JT 73.19m. Bradley Bidois 700g JT 42.75m PB. Centaine Noom Duckworth 3kg HT 52.91m. Lily Middleton 3kg HT 37.25m. Julia Ratcliffe 4kg HT 69.81m.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 11 January 2020
National champion Maddison-Lee Wesche was out to her second best ever shot put of 18.08m while Julia Ratcliffe threw her twelfth best ever hammer of 69.77m. Nicole Bradley added over a meter to her previous best, throwing the hammer 67.11m. Tommy Te Puni 100m 11.06 +0.7 PB, 200m 21.97 0.0 PB. Morgan Foster 100m 11.62, Jacob Douglas 11.77. Michael Goldie 200m 22.63 0.0. William Sinclair 3000m 8:40.28, Andres Hernandez 8:51.49. Liam McKee 300m H 42.09. Josh Inger HJ 1.90m. Brooke Somerfield 100m 12.11 +0.2, 200m 24.94 -0.7. Annalies Kalma 400m 56.57. Steven Langdon 800m 1:58.40. Krystie Solomon 800m 2:15.70 mx, Kerry White 2:17.14 mx. Kiana Hawn 400m H 62.51. Josie Taylor HJ 1.65m.

Twilight Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 1 January 2020
Joseph Millar 100m 10.82 +0.8, 200m 22.16 -0.2. Kodi Harman 100m 11.07. Tommy Te Puni a double PB 100m 11.20, 200m 22.23. Zachary Saunders 100m 11.27, 200m 22.52 +1.1. Hinewai Knowles 100m 12.30 -0.5 PB, 100m H 14.48 +0.2 mx. Annalies Kalma 100m 12.60, 200m 25.60 +0.9. Sarah Hewlett 100m 12.70 200m 26.40. Liam McKellar (14) 100m 11.77 -0.9, 400m 54.90 PB. Kiana Hawn 400m 59.18 mx. Olivia Hala (14) 800m 2:21.90. Hayden Wilde 3000m 8:20.04 PB, William Sinclair 8:28.42 PB, Michael Voss 8:35.34 PB. Kerry White 3000m 10:19.20 PB, Anneke Grogan 10:31.68, Hannah Knighton 10:52.63 PB. Margo Johansson LJ 5.32m +1.9. Anthony Nobilo HT 7.26kg 61.32m. Andre Gundersen JT 700g 44.81m, DT 1.25kg 51.78m, LJ 5.78m, HJ 1.82m PB. Josh Inger HJ 1.82m. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 48.27m.

Mount Maunganui King and Queen of the Mount Race, 4.5km – 26 December 2019
Bobby Dean, winner in 2017 and second last year, was a clear winner in 19:43, from Casey Thorby 20:50 and Cameron Jones 21:07. Olivia Burne was the first woman in 22:34 from Sue Crowley 23:58 and Karen Donaldson-Barron 24:12.

North Island Colgate Games, Jubilee Park – 10/12 January 2020
Nearly 1200 athletes from 87 clubs competed at the North Island section of the 2020 Colgate Games. Highlights from the three days of competition:

Boys 14: Liam McKellar 200m/400m double 23.38 -2.7, 52.52, also LJ 5.81m -0.1. Ben Lambert 100m 11.83 -2.3, also part of Paraparaumu 4 x 100m winning relay team in 46.90. Alex Martin 800m/1500m double 2:01.08, 4:16.23. Liam Pavier SP 15.53m. Andre Gundersen DT 51.18m, HJ 1.80m, also LJ 5.80m +1.2, SP 15.00m. Forbes Kennedy LJ 6.05m -0.6. Tom Christie 100m H 14.15 NWI. Ryan Topp 2000m RW 12:33.06.

Girls 14: Marielle Venida 100m/200m double 12.51 -2.5, 25.98 -4.0. Monique Gorrie 400m 58.06 PB. Olivia Hala 800m/1500m double 2:18.38, 5:06.40. Pippa Dixon HJ 1.65m PB. Zayyaan Smith LJ 5.78m +0.7 PB. Ndja Kumerich SP 12.33m. Shyah Beattie DT 35.25m.

Boys 13: Kyle Owen 100m/200m double 12.22 -2.0, 25.16 -2.3. Jesse Schwalger 400m 54.09. James Trathen 800m/1500m double 2:08.86, 4:31.78, also 400m in 54.62 and anchored Pakuranga to victory in the 4 x 100m relay 50.47. Rocky Wright 80m H 12.46 -1.8. Quinn Gardiner-Hall 1600m RW 8:34.08. Tisharn Field HJ 1.64m. Kainoa Keereweer-Taia LJ 5.54m -3.6. Alexander Hewitt SP 12.99m. Va’a Tui DT 46.65m.
Girls 13: Talia van Rooyen 100m 12.98 -4.5, 80m H 12.87 -1.6, also anchored North Harbour Bays to victory in the G14 4 x 100m relay 50.95 and had a LJ 4.82m -0.1. Kate Borton 400m/800m double 58.94 PB, 2:23.23. Renee Carey 1500m 4:57.30. Neve Beattie LJ 4.84m -0.1. Suzannah Kennelly SP, DT HJ treble 12.39m, 38.46m, 1.50m equal first with Saskia Rhind.

Boys 12: Stipe Ukich 100m 13.16 -3.1. Jack Marra 200m/400m double 25.88 -1.8, 58.73, also part of Lake City winning team 4 x 100m relay. Joe Martin 800m 2:17.40, also 1500m 4:52.06. Jack Erikson 1500m 4:50.53, also 800m 2:17.74. Lucas Lambert 80m H 14.55 -2.3. Jesse Humberstone HJ 1.52m, also DT 31.80m and SP 11.71m. Daniel Mullens DT 33.25m. Dante Ford-Tuveve SP 11.75m. Kaea Cribb LJ 4.93m +1.9. Richie Trathen 1200m RW 6:43.08.

Girls 12: Madeleine Waddell 100m/200m/LJ treble 13.06 -2.9, 26.17 -1.6, 4.76m +3.2. Avah Sila 80mH/HJ double 14.07 -1.5, 1.53m. Gabrielle Healy 400m 62.58. Hayley Cornwall 800m 2:24.53 also HJ 1.50m. Boh Ritchie 1500m 4:48.27. Kate Hallie SP 11.27m. Melelosaline Lose DT 37.71m. Indigo James 1200m RW 8:45.55.
Boys 11: Quinn Moss 800m/1500m double 2:25.61, 4:54.38 also 400m in 64.60. Flynn Wilson 400m 63.13 also part of Fairfield winning team 4 x 100m relay 56.31. Justice Alexander 100m 13.92 -2.6. William Rolfe 200m 27.63 -0.6. Nelsson Tiumalu SP/DT double 10.50m, 28.44m. Austin McDougall HJ 1.50m. Elliot Barr LJ 4.55m -2.6. Campbell Donovan 1200m RW 7:40.44.

Girls 11: Lily Anderson 100m/200m/400m treble 14.09 -4.1, 27.85 -1.0, 64.44, also LJ 4.25 +2.7. Amy Hurly 800m/1500m double 2:26.25, 5:00.60, also LJ 4.01m -1.7 and anchored North Harbour Bays to victory in the 4 x 100m relay 57.76. Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz SP/DT double 12.12m, 35.92m. Cleo Hancock LJ 4.35m NWI. Bisi Ogundipe HJ 1.33m. Kobi Maslin 1200m RW 6:21.88.

Boys 10: William Chambers-Stewart 100m/LJ/DT treble 13.78 -0.5, 4.38m -1.6, 28.70m. Matthew Fleming 200m/400m double 28.12 -0.1, 63.49. Ivor Martin 800m/1500m double 2:30.67, 4:58.22. Jai Pirini HJ 1.32m also SP 9.66m, DT 23.93m. Teuvira Umaki SP 9.78m. Harrison Day 1200m RW 7:35.91.

Girls 10: Paige Fletcher four wins 100m 14.61 -2.0, 200m 30.02 -2.2, DT 28.76m, SP 9.68m, also LJ 3.74m -2.4. Fernanda Tirado LJ/HJ double 4.08m +0.1, 1.29m. Lily Hipkiss 800m/1500m double 2:47.65, 5:49.30. Georgina Collinge-Coker 400m 69.17. Isabel Taylor 1200m RW 8:44.75. William Chambers-Stewart 100m/LJ/DT treble 13.78 -0.5, 4.38m -1.6, 28.70m.

Para athlete: B14 Aiden Hogg F46, T 47 100m 13.92 -3.9, 200m 27.32 -0.8, LJ 4.26m -4.1. G14 Sionann Murphy F37 100m 16.90 -1.5, 200m 36.76 -0.8, SP 7.16m, DT 19.79m, LJ 3.27m +1.0. Charli Gardiner-Hall 1500m 7:01.92, SP 6.24m.

Kiwi Throwers Meeting, Newtown Park – 12 January 2020
Corran Hanning set U/17 F12 national Para athlete records in the 5kg shot put, 10.49m and in the 700g javelin, 33.34m. He also set a F12 U/17 New Zealand best performance of 33.63m with the 1.5k discus. Antonia Jamieson U/18 3kg SP 10.96m.

Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 8 January 2020
Bailey Cotton 100m 11.35 +0.8, 200m 22.99 +1.0. Adam Stack LJ 6.28m +0.6. Celia Ward 100m 12.89 +0.9, 200m 26.41 +0.3.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 14 December 2019
Fiona Morrison 100m H 840mm 13.87 -0.9, 100m 12.39 +2.0. Xavier Wehi U/16 100m H 840mm 13.92 -0.9, 200m 23.30 +2.2, 400m 54.48. Seamus Moran-Tanner U/16 LJ 5.43m -1.6. Hunter Archbold U/18 LJ 6.26m +1.0. Violette Perry DT 38.78m, 600g JT 38.74m PB. Lexi Maples 600g JT 36.73m PB. Joshua Bull 1.5kg DT 45.58m, 5kg SP 12.33m PB. Quinn Andis 1.5kg DT 42.16m PB. Cameron Clark 3000m 9:10.79. Rozie Robinson 3000m RW 15:52.35. Thomas Richards 5000m 17:50.07. Hannah Hayward 100m 11.52 +2.0, 200m 25.02 0.0. Samuel King 100m 11.48 +1.4, 200m 22.35 +2.2. Victoria Owers SP 15.88m. Elliot Nye 100m 11.53 +0.6, 200m 22.09 +2.2. Marcus Wolton HJ 2.02m, 800g JT 44.96m. Eva Pringle 1500m 4:48.71 mx. Chanel Muir 1500m 4:06.89. Jared Neighbours 800g JT 53.31m. Ethan Gow U/16 TJ 12.77m -2.1 PB. Joshua Price U/16 300m H 45.19.

Christmas Cracker Twilight Meeting, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 27 December 2019
Tiaan Whelpton sped to a PB 100m of 10.46 +0.9. John Gerber 300m 35.28, Rosie Elliott 300m 38.59. Hamish Kerr 400m 50.97 PB. Angie Petty mile 4:52.83, Katherine Camp 4:56.78, Andrea Hewitt 5:02.88. Chanel Muir mile 4:25.42 PB, Christopher Dryden 4:29.38. Oska Baynes 5000m 14:43.94, Michael Kernahan 15:15.95, Saxon Morgan 15:17.64. Rozie Robinson mile walk 8:08.56. Ethan Gow TJ 13.14m +4.8. Violette Perry DT 44.05m. Quinn Andis 5kg SP 13.84m.

Lovelock Classic Meeting, Aorangi Stadium – 11 January 2020
Chanel Muir ran a personal best 4:15.15 to win the annual Lovelock mile. Joshua Baan was second in 4:17.57 followed by Christopher Dryden 4:18.15 PB, Ieuen van der Peet 4:19.22, Maximillian Yanzick 4:20.11 PB, Fletcher Pickworth 4:20.38 PB and Ethan Smolej 4:21.35 PB. Katherine Camp improved fractionally on her winning time last year with a win in the women’s mile in a PB 4:44.24. Tillie Hollyer was second also in a PB 4:52.22.

Dryden later won the 3000m in 8:43.85, from Colin Kirkpatrick 8:50.24 and Yanzick 8:52.26. Hamish Kerr cleared his fifth equal best high jump of 2.23m. Marcus Wolton HJ 1.97m. Max Attwell HJ 1.87m, JT 46.11m. Felix McDonald LJ 6.93m +0.6, Shay Veitch 100m 11.07, 200m 21.80, LJ 6.80m +0.8, Cameron Moffitt 400m 51.59 PB, LJ 6.42m +0.4, U/18 110m H 15.06 0.0. Nikolas Kini 7.26kg SP 14.68m PB, 2kg DT 46.02m PB. Jared Neighbours 800g JT 53.71m PB. James Sandilands 110m H 15.35 0.0. Tiaan Whelpton 100m 10.67, 200m 21.50. John Gerber 400m 48.69, Luke Mercieca 400m 48.73. John Wells 400m 51.54 PB.

Rosie Elliott 100m 11.86, 200m 23.92. Fiona Morrison 100m 12.34, 200m 24.90, 100m H 13.66 0.0. Jessica Vogel 400m 59.28. Sarah Douglas 3000m 10:40.04. Helena Dinnissen LJ 5.66m +0.5, 100m H 14.97 0.0. Tegan Duffy LJ 5.55m +1.2. Torie Owers SP 15.46m. Amy Robertson 200m 25.13, 100m H 14.20. Hinewai Knowles 100m 12.55, 100m H 14.42.

International Results
Steigen Spectacular, Landy Field Geelong, 21 December: Josh Maisey 10,000m 29:34.59 PB (3). Lydia O’Donnell mile 4:58.86 PB (3), 3000m 9:37.79 (1).

San Silvestre Vallecana 10km, Madrid, 31 December: Camille Buscomb 32:38 PB DH (6).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour - 17 December: Harry Harris 17:11, Keith Burrows 17:33, Mike Hale 17:46. Cass Kenworthy 21:22, Tia Knight 21:46, Andy Kane 23:18.

Eastside Riverpath 5km - 17 December: John Mering 17:00, John Bowe 18:14, Rob Townsend 19:03. Kirsten Milne 21:12. 7 January: John Crane 18:48, Stephen Buntain 19:21, Kris Moore 19:29.

Kapiti 5km Summer Series, Waikanae Beach - 16 December: Poppy Rae 19:27, Declan Murphy 19:54, Carter Prendergast 20:16. 6 January: Luke Anderson 18:51, Leon Goodwin 19:28, Sam Yeoman 19:32. Poppy Rae 19:51.

Waterfront 5km - 17 December: Ben Twyman 15:42, Geoff Ferry 17:00, Paul Barwick 17:31. Amanda Broughton 18:47, Bex Hutchinson 20:03, Emily Solsberg 20:19. Walk; Daniel du Toit 22:11. Daphne Jones 37:26. 7 January: Ben Twyman 15:58, James Richardson 16:34, Michael du Toit 16:51. Annie Bond 19:10, Sophie Dickson 19:58, Katelyn Sceats 20:00. Walk; Daniel du Toit 22:00.

Honest Lawyer 5km Series, Monaco - 16 December: Ian Anderson 17:41, Chris Sharland 18:02, Glenn Lilley 18:06. Julia Anderson 19:55, Colette Read 21:16, Maryann Cant 22:15.

Eddyline 5km Series, Maple-Saxton Course, Richmond - 18 December: Chris Sharland 18:29, Curtis Moore 18:32, David Francis 19:08. Angela Leck 19:19, Klaartji van Schie 19:33, Colette Read 20:58.

King and Queen of the Withers 10km - 11 January: George Varney 41:37, Julius Stromberg 41:46, Fergus Greer 44:03. Megan Craig 45:35, Caitlin Fielder 47:06, Julia Anderson 49:29.

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park - 7 January: Blair McWhirter 15:41, Ching Hin Ivan Lo 15:42, Daniel Redmond 15:45. Andrea Hewitt 16:30, Ari Graham 17:22, Melanie Angland 18:43.

2019 Track & Field News World Rankings
New Zealand athletes listed in the top 50:
Tom Walsh SP 22.90m (2), Eliza McCartney PV 4.85m (5), Jacko Gill SP 21.47m (19), Hamish Kerr HJ 2.30m (19), Camille Buscomb 10,000m 31:13.21 (22), 5000m 14:58.59 (29), Quentin Rew 50km RW 3:49.48 (30), Maddison-Lee Wesche SP 18.32m (30), Julia Ratcliffe HT 71.39m (30), Nick Willis mile 3:54.80 i (31), Portia Bing 400m H 55.49 (33).

2020 New Year Royal Honour
Alan Hamilton of Bridge Hill Alexandra received the Queen’s Service Medal QSM for services to athletics and youth.
He has been coaching sport, particularly youth athletics, for more than 40 years. He first began coaching in 1974, when he was a student at high school. He has continued to coach in a variety of different sports for many organisations while employed as Assistant Principal at Dunstan High School. He has coached high school and senior rugby, cycling and athletics, often in his own time. He managed the Dunstan High School cycling team for eight years on a voluntary basis. In his own time he also established a high performance programme of mentoring for students, which involved regular motivational talks from high profile speakers. Similar programmes have been developed by other schools in response to its success. He has been a member of the Alexandra Amateur Athletics Club, the Winton Athletics Club and Ariki in Dunedin. He has been an administrator, advisor and mentor for the New Zealand Secondary School Athletics Association, as well as a member of its Executive Committee from 2001 to 2006. He has also volunteered for the Otago Athletics Administration.

Lyndy Sainsbury who has worked with the Auckland City Athletics Club and served in the past on the Athletics Auckland Board received the ONZM for services to philanthropy and the community.

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent