AOC & OneAthletics merger




The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) announced they welcomed the proposed OneAthletics merger between Athletics Australia and Little Athletics announced today.


AOC CEO Matt Carroll said the merger will create a single streamlined body that will benefit Australian athletes, coaches and officials and help develop and inspire future Olympians.


“The AOC supports the proposed OneAthletics merger and congratulates the Athletics community on their vision to grow the sport in a united, streamlined organisation,” Carroll said.


“Every Olympian starts their athletic journey by simply having a go, whether it’s at their local club, or in their local park or pool. Making it simpler to have people participate at the grassroots level, develop their skills and follow their Olympic dreams will have an enormous impact.


“A more streamlined administration will make it easier for the next Kelsey-Lee Barber or Brandon Starc to go from the junior giving javelin or high jump a go at Little Athletics, to progress through the athlete pathway to the peak of global sporting competition.


Carroll also noted the positive impacts National Federations can have across Australia.


“Sport provides positive health outcomes, can help tackle the obesity crisis, contribute to personal wellbeing and help kids unleash their potential. National Federations make these outcomes possible for millions of Australians, bringing together a dedicated community of participants, officials and administrators, many of which are volunteers.


“The AOC is encouraged by the potential impact this merger can have to those millions of Australian already participating in athletics and millions to follow in future generations.”