Adelaide-based staff member tests positive for COVID-19




Cycling Australia confirms that an Adelaide-based Australian Cycling Team staff member returned a positive test to COVID-19 on Monday evening 16 March.

The staff member returned to Adelaide on the evening of Wednesday 4 March from the 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships which were held in Berlin, Germany. 

The staff member had minimal contact with fellow staff and athletes after returning from overseas and had no in-person contact with staff or athletes after beginning to experience symptoms. He is currently receiving appropriate medical care. 

The Adelaide Super-drome offices and training areas have been closed as a precautionary measure, with all Australian Cycling Team staff and athletes instructed to remain at home. The Super-drome has been cleaned and disinfected in preparation for return to work and training over the weekend, and when the team return a social distancing policy will be implemented to support ongoing risk management.

Simon Jones, Performance Director, Australian Cycling Team

The health and wellbeing of our athletes, staff and the broader public is our highest priority and that’s why we have responded quickly and thoroughly in this situation.

Our thoughts are with our team member as he continues to receive treatment and medical advice. 

Senior staff, including our team doctor, remain in regular communication to manage this situation and provide all the support required to athletes and staff in what are difficult times for all people all around the world